My goal is reconstruct the magnetospheric environment under different geomagnetic conditions, such as storm time and substorms. This is a particularly challenging topic because most previous magnetic field models of Earth’s magnetosphere deviate substantially from observations, especially during activity period. To solve this problem, I first built up an empirical plasma pressure model and then obtain the magnetic field geometry from the plasma parameters that are in force equilibrium with the magnetic field. Currently I have successfully developed the force-balanced plasma pressure and magnetic field models under different Kp levels and during subtorm growth phase.

I'm going to continue this research to eventually develop a more general magnetic field model that is suitable for various geomagnetic conditions and adjustable for small scale disturbances such as flow channels, plasma bubbles in the tail plasma sheet.

This dataset includes the 3D plasam parameters and magentic field configurations under different Kp levels (kp=0-5). More details about the data could be found in the following three papers: paper1,paper2 paper3. The plasma pressure is expressed by an empirical fomular as shown in paper 1 section 2.3 with fitting parameters in Table 1 and Table 2.

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