J. David Neelin


Research interests

The research areas below include links
to sample papers in each area.

Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction
· El Niño/Southern oscillation
· Midlatitude ocean-atmosphere interaction
· Climate variations on interannual and longer time scales
· Monsoon theory as a problem in ocean-atmosphere-land interaction
· Thermohaline circulation-atmosphere interaction

Sea-ice-ocean interaction

Land-surface climate interaction

Tropical atmospheric dynamics for tropical climate problems
· Interaction between moist convection and large-scale motions
· Convective margins
· Moist teleconnections
· Tropical precipitation change under global warming
· Intraseasonal oscillations
· Stochastic moist convection
· Hurricanes & mesoscale convective systems

Hierarchical ocean-atmosphere-land modeling
· Hybrid coupled models
· Quasi-equilibrium Tropical Circulation Models (QTCMs)

Tropical Atmospheric Dynamics:
Tropical precipitation change under global warming

Selected links to abstracts and paper downloads.

Tropical drought regions in global warming and El Niño teleconnections. Geophys. Res. Lett.,, 30(24) 2275, doi:10.1029/2003GLO018625.

Chou, C. and J. D. Neelin, 2004: Mechanisms of global warming impacts on regional tropical precipitation. J. Climate, 17, 2688-2701.

Chou, C., J. D. Neelin, U. Lohmann and J. Feichter, 2005: Local and remote impacts of aerosol climate forcing on tropical precipitation. J. Climate, 18, 4621-4636.

Neelin, J. D., M. Munnich, H. Su, J. E. Meyerson, and C. Holloway, 2006: Tropical drying trends in global warming models and observations. Proc. Nat. Acd. Sci., in press (to appear 4/06).

Chou, C., J. D. Neelin, J.-Y. Tu, and C.-T. Chen: Regional tropical precipitation change mechanisms in ECHAM4/OPYC3 under global warming. J. Climate, (accepted 12/05).

Neelin, J. D., 2007: Moist dynamics of tropical convection zones in monsoons, teleconnections and global warming. In The Global Circulation of the Atmosphere, T. Schneider and A. Sobel, Eds, Princeton University Press, Princeton, 385pp.

Chou, C., J. D. Neelin, C.-A. Chen and J.-Y. Tu, 2009: Evaluating the rich-get-richer mechanism in tropical precipitation change under global warming. J. Climate, 22, 1982-2005.

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