J. David Neelin


Research interests

The research areas below include links
to sample papers in each area.

Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction
· El Niño/Southern oscillation
· Midlatitude ocean-atmosphere interaction
· Climate variations on interannual and longer time scales
· Monsoon theory as a problem in ocean-atmosphere-land interaction
· Thermohaline circulation-atmosphere interaction

Sea-ice-ocean interaction

Land-surface climate interaction

Tropical atmospheric dynamics for tropical climate problems
· Interaction between moist convection and large-scale motions
· Convective margins
· Moist teleconnections
· Tropical precipitation change under global warming
· Intraseasonal oscillations
· Stochastic moist convection
· Hurricanes & mesoscale convective systems

Hierarchical ocean-atmosphere-land modeling
· Hybrid coupled models
· Quasi-equilibrium Tropical Circulation Models (QTCMs)

Tropical Atmospheric Dynamics:
Interaction between moist convection and large-scale motions

Selected links to abstracts and paper downloads.

Neelin, J. D., and I. M. Held, 1987: Modelling tropical convergence based on the moist static energy budget. Mon. Wea. Rev., 115, 3-12.

Neelin, J. D., 1988: A simple model for surface stress and low-level flow in the tropical atmosphere driven by prescribed heating. Quart. J. Roy. Met. Soc., 114, 747-770.

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Yu, J.-Y., C. Chou, and J. D. Neelin, 1998: Estimating the gross moist stability of the tropical atmosphere. J. Atmos. Sci., 55, 1354-1372.

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Lintner, B. R., C. E. Holloway and J. D. Neelin, 2011: Column water vapor statistics and their relationship to deep convection and vertical horizontal circulation, and moisture structure at Nauru. J. Climate, 24, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-10-05015.1.

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