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Turbulence from maize field (Mahomet, IL, July 2011)

This is a 7.5-hour statistically stationary raw turbulence data obtained within and above a maize field (total of 5 measurement heights). The field experiment is described in detail by Gleicher et al. (2014)). The dataset is described in Chamecki (2013). The same dataset has been used in a number of papers, including Pan et al. (2014), Pan et al. (2014), and Pan and Chamecki (2016).

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  • The following citations are suggested if you use these data in your work:

  • For field experiment: S.C. Gleicher, M. Chamecki, S.A. Isard, Y. Pan and G.G. Katul (2014), Interpreting three-dimensional spore concentration measurements and escape fraction in a crop canopy using a coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian stochastic model, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 194:118-131.

  • For turbulence data: M. Chamecki (2013), Persistence of velocity fluctuations in non-Gaussian turbulence within and above plant canopies, Physics of Fluids, 25:1-14.