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Model Viewer

06/12/2015 This website will be down while the computers ar e relocated (1-4 weeks)

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Forecast Hour:

Viewer tips Keyboard:
right arrow: step forwards
left arrow: step backwards
shift: Start/Stop

Viewer Length:
limited to the model with the shortest simulation length
GFS: 192 hours
NAM: 84 hours
NorCal WRF: 84 hours
NorCal member1: 48 hours
NorCal memebr2: 48 hours
NorCal member3: 48 hours
SoCal WRF: 54 hours
RAP: 18 hours

Viewer timestep:
limited to the model/variable with the longest timestep being displayed
GFS: 3 hours
NAM: 3 hours
NorCal WRF: 1 hour
NorCal member1: 3 hours
NorCal memebr2: 3 hours
NorCal member3: 3 hours
SoCal WRF: 1 hour
RAP: 1 hour
Model Initialization Status
GFS20150612 12ZComplete
NAM20150612 12ZComplete
RAP20150612 12ZComplete
NorCal WRF20150612 12ZComplete
SoCal WRF20150607 12ZComplete

Contact: Travis Wilson