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This page comprises a loosely organized heap of links to resources I have found useful in my scientific endeavors to date. Your mileage may vary. I will add to it as things come up and I find the time. Suggestions for additions/modifications (or reports of broken links) are welcome.

Climate science blogs

Climate science podcasts

Forecast Hosted by Michael White, Nature's climate science editor
Our Warm Regards Hosted by Eric Holthaus, Andy Revkin, and Jacquelyn Gill

Science communication

Better Figures "Constructive criticism of the graphics of climate science"
Principiae Material (some free) on science communication
Edward Tufte Fascinating and beautiful books on effective data displays
The Elements of Style Classic text on writing succinctly and clearly
Beamer customization cheat sheet Quick reference for how to tinker with elements of Beamer presentations
Climate Communication "Support[ing] scientists in improving their communication and outreach"
Climate Central "Surveys and conducts scientific research on climate change and informs the public of key findings."

Climate science & meteorology history

Geoff Vallis's collection of classic papers With useful comments by G. Vallis
Historical Climatology Portal for climate research from the historical discipline
Old Weather Citizen-science project: transcribe historical ship logs of weather data

Data visualization tools

Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth NASA portal to imagery of earth taken by astronauts
Martin Jucker's 3D weather visualizations Beautiful videos, interactive 3D plots, and static images of current and past weather
nullschool.net Beautiful, interactive visualization of meteorological and ocean data
Panoply NetCDF viewer. Great for making basic plots quickly.
Unidata IDV (Integrated Data Viewer) "Java-based software framework for analyzing and visualizing geoscience data"
Brian Mapes' IDV extension IDV extension with Tropics-relevant data, methods, etc.
MkMov Command-line utility (written in Python) for making movies from netCDF files

Online research tools

CVDP NCAR Climate Variability Diagnostics Package
MITGCM M.I.T. General Circulation Model
HYSPLIT Compute forward and backward air trajectories

Climate data

Individual Data Products

AERONET International ground-based instrumental aerosol monitoring network
C-GLORS & CHOR Ocean reanalysis datasets



DISCCRS career resources page Links to tons of great resources
AGU career advice webinars Various topics; slides/etc. available for past ones.

Undergraduate AOS scholarships

NOAA Hollings Scholarship Open to undergraduate sophomores; funding and NOAA internship
Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program For undergraduate juniors in sciences

For Fun

xkcd Brilliant science/math comic (note some explicit language/themes)
xkcd what-if? "Serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions"
TED Talks on various topics, scientific and otherwise (some fascinating, many forgettable)