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My colleagues and I often lament how much time we spend messing with computer code in order to output data or figures. Also, lacking sufficient metadata to describe what they actually do/are, scripts/plots quickly become outdated and untrustworthy (e. g. "Did I remember to change the date range in the script when I made this plot?"). In addition, performing calculations one by one can be impractical when hundreds or thousands are needed (e.g. DJF, JJA, SON, MAM, and annual means of multiple variables from multiple experimental runs and/or multiple models and/or multiple ensemble members).

This frustrating inefficiency has led me and collaborator Spencer Clark to create a Python package called "aospy" that automates these tasks. Using aospy, it is possible to submit 1000s of calculations spanning across models, simulations, variables, and other parameter settings, with a single command.

We are actively seeking new users! Learn more about the project via the official documentation at https://aospy.readthedocs.io, or check out the code itself at our Github repo, https://github.com/spencerahill/aospy.