Larry Lyons

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

  1. Magnetosphere/ionosphere response to high-speed solar wind streams using ground radar and THEMIS spacecraft

  1. Magnetosphere ionosphere electrodynamical coupling using ground radar and THEMIS spacecraft and modeling

  1. Geomagnetic disturbances

  1. Substorm electrodynamics


Office: 7138 Math Sciences

Phone: 310-206-7876

E-mail: larry at

Fax: 310-206-5219


Dept. of Atmospheric and

  1. Oceanic Sciences


405 Hilgard Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1565

Research in  Space Physics

  1.   Observations, Theory Modeling of Magnetospheric Disturbances

  2.   Solar-wind Magnetospheric Coupling

  3.    Magnetosphere-Ionosphere -Thermosphere Coupling

Our Research Group

  1. Gerard Blanchard 

  2. (Now at Southeastern Louisiana

  3. University)

  4. Effyhia Zesta

  5. (Now at Air Force Research

  6. Laboratory, Hanscom AFB)

  7. SAMBA magnetometer project

  8. Thanasis Boudouridis (Researcher)

  9. Heejeong Kim (Researcher)

  10. Toshi Nishiura (Researcher)

  11. Yong Shi (Post-doc)

  12. Chih-Ping Wang (Researcher)

  13. Xiayan Xing (Researcger)

  14. Philip Liu

  15. (Now in investment banking )

  16. Shasha Zou (Now at University of Michigan)

  17. Beatriz Gallardo-Lacourt (Grad student)

  18. Matina Gkioulidou (Grad Student)

  19. Wendy Mata (Grad Student)

  20. Ying Zou (Grad student)


  1. Connections Between Large-Scale

  2. Plasma Sheet Transport, Region 2

  3. Coupling to the Ionosphere, and

  4. Substorm Dynamics 

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