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Data Assimilation
  Lagrangian data assimilation
    Salman, H., L. Kuznetsov, C.K.R.T. Jones, and K. Ide 2006: A method for assimilating Lagrangian data into a Shallow-water equation ocean model. Mon. Wea. Rev., 134(4), 1081-1101. (pdf)
    Kuznetsov, L., K. Ide and C.K.R.T. Jones, 2003: A method for assimilation of Lagrangian data. Mon. Wea. Rev., 131(10), 2247-2260. (pdf)
    Ide, K., L. Kuznetsov and C.K.R.T. Jones, 2002: Lagrangian data assimilation for point-vortex system. J. Turbulence, 3, 053. (pdf)
  Non-gaussian filtering
    Sornette, D. and K. Ide, 2001: The Kalman-Levy filter, Physica D, 151, 142-174. (pdf)
  Shockwave assimilation
    Kao, J., D. Flicke, K. Ide, M. Ghil, 2006: Estimating model parameters fr an impact-produced shock-wave simulation: Optimal use of partical data with the extended Kalman filter. J. Comp. Phys., 214 (2): 725-737. (pdf)
    Kao, J., D. Flicker, R. Henninger, S. Frey, M. Ghil, and K. Ide, 2004: Data assimilation with an extended Kalman filter for impact-produced shock-wave dynamics. J. Comp. Phys., 196 (2): 705-723. (pdf)
  Observing System Design
    K. Ide and M. Ghil, 1998: The extended Kalman filtering for vortex Systems, Part II. Rankine vortex and observing-system design. Dyn. Atmos. Oceans, 27(1-4), 333-350. (pdf)
  Coherent Structures
    K. Ide and M. Ghil, 1998: The extended Kalman filtering for vortex Systems, Part I. Methodology and point vortices. Dyn. Atmos. Oceans, 27 (1-4), 3010332. (pdf)
    Ide, K., P. Courtier, M. Ghil, and A. Lorenc, 1997: Unified notation for data assimilation: Operational, sequential and variational. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 75, 181-189. (pdf)


Dynamical Systems
  Singular dynamics
    Sornette, D. and K. Ide, 2004: Theory of self-similar oscillatory finite-time singularity, Int'l J. Modern Phys., C14(3), 267-275. (pdf)
    Ide, K. and D. Sornette, 2002: Oscillatory finite-time singularities in finance, population and rupture. Phys. A., 307(1-2), 63-106. (pdf)
    Ide, K., D. Small and S. Wiggins, 2003: Distinguished hyperbolic trajectories in time dependent fluid flows: Analytical and computational approach for velocity fields defined as data sets. Nonl. Proc. Geophys., 9, 237-263. (pdf)
    Mancho, A.M., D. Small, S. Wiggins and K. Ide, 2004: Computation of stable and unstable manifolds of hyperbolic trajectories in two-dimensional, aperiodically time-dependent vector fields. Physica D, 182 (3-4), 188-222. (pdf)
    Lipphardt, B.L., D. Small, A.D. Kirwwan, S. Wiggins, K. Ide, C.E. Grosch and J.D. Paduan, 2006: J. Mar. Res., 64(2), 221-247. (pdf)
  Vortex Dynamics
    Ide, K. and S. Wiggins, 1995: The Dynamics of elliptically shaped regions of uniform vorticity in time-periodic, linear external velocity-field. Fluid Dyn. Res. 15 (4), 205-235. (pdf)
    Ide, K. and S. Wiggins, 1989: The bifurcation of homoclinic tori in the quasi-periodically forced Duffing oscillator. Phys. D, 34 (1-2), 169-182. (pdf)


  Weather Regime
    Kondrashov, D., K. Ide, and M. Ghil, 2004: Weather regimes and preferred transition paths in a three-level quasigeostrophic model. J. Atmos. Sci., 61(5)), 568-587. (pdf)
    Smyth, P., K. Ide, and M. Ghil, 1999: Multiple regimes in northern hemisphere height fields via mixture model clustering. J. Atmos. Sci., 56(21), 3704-3723. (pdf)
  Topography effects
    Tian, Y., E.R. Weeks, K. Ide, J.S. Urbach, C. Baroud, M. Ghil and H.L. Swinney, 2001: Experimental and numerical studies of an eastward jet over topography. J. Fluid Mech., 38, 129-157. (pdf)
    Weeks, E.R., Y. Tian, J.S. Urbach, K. Ide, H.L. Swinney, and M. Ghil, 1997: Transitions between blocked and zonal flows in a rotating annulus with topography. Science, 278, 1598-1601. (pdf)
    Ide, K., H. Le Treut, Z.X. Li, and M. Ghil, 2001: Atmospheric radiative equilibria. Part II. Bimodal solutions for atmospheric optical properties. Clim. Dyn., 18(2-3), 29-49. (pdf)
    Li, Z.X., K. Ide, Le Treut, and M. Ghil, 1997: Atmospheric radiative equilibria in a simple column model. Climate Dyn., 13(6), 429-440. (pdf)
  Solar variability
    Marcus, S.L., M. Ghil, and K. Ide, 1999: Models of solar irradiance variability and the instrumental temperature record. Geophy. Rev. Lett., 26(10), 1449-1452. (pdf)


  Wind-driven circulation
    Simonnet, E. M. Ghil, K. Ide, R. Teman, S.H. Wang, 2003: Low-frequency variability in shallow-water models of the wind-driven ocean circulation. Part II: Steady-state solution. J. Phys. Oceanogr. 33(4), 721-728. (pdf)
    Simonnet, E. M. Ghil, K. Ide, R. Teman, S.H. Wang, 2003: Low-frequency variability in shallow-water models of the wind-driven ocean circulation. Part II: Time-dependent solutions. J. Phys. Oceanogr. 33(4), 729-752. (pdf)
    Chang, K.I., M. Ghil, K. Ide and C.C.A. Lai, 2001: Transition to aperiodic variability in a wind-driven double-gyre circulation model. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 31(5), 1260-1286. (pdf)


Time Series Analysis
  Spectral method
    M. Ghil, M.R. Allan, M.D. Dettinger, K. Ide, D. Kondrashov, M.E. Mann, A.W. Robertson, A. Saunders, Y. Tian, F. Varadi, P. Yiou, 2002: Advanced spectral methods for climatic time series. Rev. Geophys., 40(1). (pdf)



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