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Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
University at Albany, SUNY
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Current and recent classes:

NOTE: This page is obsolete.

A&OS C110/C227 - Advanced Dynamic and Synoptic Meteorology (Spring, 2014):

A&OS C182/C260 - Data Analysis in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (Winter, 2014):

Course syllabus. Other course materials for this class will be posted to CCLE.

A&OS 101 - Fundamentals of Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Dynamics (Winter, 2013):

A&OS 180/229 - Numerical Modeling (Spring, 2012):

Link to most recent version of this course

Some other recent courses taught:

Notes from various classes:


Resources for "Meteorology: An Introduction to the Wonders of the Weather", published by The Great Courses:

Los Angeles and Southern California weather phenomena:

Dynamics and Thermodynamics Demonstration Model (DTDM):

The DTDM is a very simple, two-dimensional, script-driven package that can be used to demonstrate concepts relating to gravity waves and buoyancy oscillations, circulations resulting from differential heating, heat and cold sources and cold pools, etc., with potential utility for classroom demonstrations and projects. The entire package, which is Fortran 77-based and produces GrADS output, can be operated at no cost using open source software. Please read the disclaimer on the DTDM model home page, where the model, example applications and data files may be found.

Some additional demonstrations and animations:

Other materials:

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