MM5 Simulation -- started 30 September 2001 at 18Z (11 AM PDT)

Simulation was initialized with 40 km Eta model data (AWIP3D data sets) obtained from NCEP and run for 48 hours.

Model has three domains, having 54, 18 and 6 km horizontal resolutions, respectively.

Hydraulic jump-like feature develops right at model start, resulting in strong downslope flow into the LA basin. Quite likely greatly exacerbated by a spinup issue, but an interesting phenomenon nonetheless.

Some pictures and animations: (Animations open in new windows.)

Near-surface relative humidity and 750 m horizontal winds for the initial time and for the 1, 2 and 3 hour forecasts. Note "downbursts" in basin that form right after model start, and then push out to sea. rhu stills

Still frames from the above animation (1021x1061). xsecs

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