TRA's new DR3100 & DR1000 Diesel Car

The new cars have been seen in Feb 19, 1998 is:

45DR3101 + 45DR1003 + 45DR3151 + 45DR3102

In my opinion(Hung) with the photo I have seen, The new DMU is numbered in DR3100 series. 1 unit includes 45DR3100 + 45DR3150 + 45DR3100. The same arrangement as DR2800-3000. DR3100 with drivers cab. The car numbered 45DR1003 is the so-called "Branch line Tsu-Chang car". It is the same painting as DR3100. Silver color with Tiger face. But this DR1000 is the local line used, so the size seems a little smaller.
It is not surprised TRA numbered the new DMU as DR3100, but the local line used DR1000 is very interesting, because it has the same name with the early Diesel car 18DR1000. They just have "Weight" number before the "DR" letters different. We still remember TRA named DR2511, 2512 as Type DR2510, because they had DR2500 before. This time, TRA seems forget they really have had DR1000, so the re-used the number DR1000. As E1000's experience, maybe TRA will change it, however, until now, it is named as DR1000 as I know.
The new DMU looks very very ugly! If TRA let Nippon Sharyo do all the design without their opinion, I believe TRA will get a very good looking new high-tech DMU. But TRA didn't investigate the looking of trains, and used their LOW-LEVEL design ability to ask what kind of looking they want, then we get a ugly trains again! As those ugly Korean EMU, E1000, we have another bad-looking DMU. DR1000 will replace the BLUE localline Diesel in the future. All my favorite trains will be gone soon in Taiwan as the same thing happen in JNR trains or my C&NW trains.....

Information provided by Takashi Mori, MAR 6, 1998