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You are welcome to the UCLA Coastal Seminar, which is an inter-group weekly meeting, including groups of physical, ecological, remote sensing, biological, and chemical oceanography, and field experiment at UCLA.  

The seminar is also officially listed as a course AOS 277.

If you are interested in presenting a talk at the coastal seminar this fall,

please contact me (the convener) via my email: cdong@atmos.ucla.edu

Location: 7124B Math. Bldg.

Time: 11:00am~noon, on Thursdays

To find out who will give talks at the meeting this winter quarter, please click
the UCLA Coastal Seminar.

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Data Links

Surface Forcing Data (1): SST and WIND
Surface Forcing Data (2): Heat Flux and Fresh Water Flux
Ocean Climatological State: Levitus World Ocean Atlas 1994
Global Tidal Data (1): WWW Tide & Current Predictor
Global Tidal Data (2): OSU TOPEX/Poseidon Global Inverse Solution
Coastal Observations (1): UCSD Data Zoo
Coastal Observations (2): Santa Monica Bay Buoy, deployed by UCLA
Coastal Observations (3): SeaWIFS sea color data
Climate Data (1): LDEO/Columbia Univeristy Climate Data Library

Model Links


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