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Baird Langenbrunner

CV (pdf format)

University of California - Los Angeles
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
405 Hilgard Ave
7127 Math Sciences Bldg
Los Angeles, CA 90095

email: baird[at]atmos[dot]ucla[dot]edu
office: MS 7234

El Niño webpage

Check out my research group's new El Niño webpage! There, you can watch some animations and learn about how El Niño forms and affects weather in California and elsewhere on the earth.

About me

Hi, I'm currently a postdoc in the UCLA Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS). I finished my PhD here in 2016 as part of the Climate Systems Interactions (CSI) group, led by Professor J. David Neelin.

My research interests include global climate modeling, global and regional climate change, moist processes, and the hydrological cycle. Climate models are our best tools for understanding the response of the earth system to greenhouse gas-induced (anthropogenic) warming. My current work deals with assessing these models and constraining their uncertainty, with an eye toward improving society's ability to predict and adapt to climate change.

I was born and raised in northeast Tennessee and went to college in Rhode Island, where I studied geophysics. I moved to Los Angeles in the Fall of 2010 to begin the PhD program at UCLA.

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